Grass Collection Open House Thursday, Sept 18, 2014 3:00-6:00 PM

The Grass Collection never looked better thanks to a great volunteer crew! Come see for yourself, tomorrow, Thursday, Sept 18 from 3:00-6:00 PM. Miscanthus, big bluestem, Indian grass are all in flower and you can pick your favorite and talk to Mary Meyer about planting grasses at your home landscape or business. Free event with Arboretum gate admission. Contact for any questions.

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Two Open House Events at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Grass Collection This Fall

Public open house events will be held at the Grass Collection this fall on  Thursday, Sept 18  3-6 PM; and  Tuesday, Oct 14, 1-4 PM. Visit the collection and see what’s new this year. Tag your favorite grass and pick up a copy of the poster on using native grasses for landscaping. Free event with admission to the Arboretum.

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Panoramic View of the Grass Collection

Cool photo of the grass collection in August! Thanks to Greg N for taking the panoramic photo! panoramic of grass collection Aug 2014

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Hanging by a thread

Japanese beetles hatched recently from the turf in the Arboretum Grass Collection and are “piling on” and hanging by a thread on this ‘Shenandoah’ switchgrass flower on July 15, 2014. Japanese beetle adults do not eat grasses, but they congregate on leaves, mate and look for other food. IMG_7413 

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Edging Makes a Difference

With the help of great volunteers, 2 of the grass beds are edged and beautiful! Weed free, with a new mulched path, the collection is looking great! IMG_7614


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Landscape Fabric lives Forever

IMG_7300Greg Nelson, fabulous volunteer, removed this huge 27 year old landscape fabric from one of the Grass Collection beds this morning. Yeah Greg!! Just when you are sure its gone, it appears under roots, soil and seems to multiple. We installed it originally thinking it would reduce weeds. It did not and I regret that day we installed it. The tough grasses have grown over it and sometimes through it, and we can almost hear the plants cheer when it comes out. No decomposition here, just a pointless barrier for air and moisture.

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Japanese Beetles are out

IMG_7303Here is the first Japanese beetle I have seen in 2014. Is is resting on giant miscanthus in the Grass Collection at the Arboretum. Japanese beetles do not feed on ornamental grass foliage, they just rest there, while looking for raspberries, or grapes, their favorites.

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