Bowles Golden Grass

Golden wood millet or Bowles’ Golden Grass, Milium effusum ‘Aureum’ is beautiful in early spring. First photo is from May 6, 2011when it is about 8″ tall and bright yellow. This is a cool season grass, and prefers cooler temperatures, it turns green later in the summer and grows best shaded from hot summer sun. I have it planted near my front walk, where it is shaded by annual cleome and monarda later in the summer.

Here it is on May 23, 2011 and is about 10″ tall.  It loves the cool weather of spring 2011!











June 1, 2011 in flower.


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University of Minnesota Professor and Extension Horticulturist
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2 Responses to Bowles Golden Grass

  1. Karen says:

    HI Mary,
    Do you have more information on this grass? Is it hardy to 3b/4a? Clump former/spreader? I’ve been looking for a smaller, decorative cool season grass for the cooler summers in Duluth (too impatient to wait until mid to late July for warm season grasses to ‘show up’ in the landscape here). Thanks!

    • grasstalk says:

      Hi Karen, thanks for commenting on the blog! Its worth a try, although I have not grown golden millet in zone 3. It was slow to grow here, but it likes cool weather, not heat. this one tends to get all green and a bit floppy in late summer. I saw it for sale at a Cub foods greenhouse in minnetonka this spring. it was in a proven winners pot i think. and last summer i bought it at a pet food/hardware in Mound along the new dakota bike trail, so its out there but may be hard to find. also the variegated Molinia is nice, short and nice also likes it cool if you can find it. all the best, Mary

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