Panicum ‘Hot Rod’

Shenandoah, left and HotRod right‘Hot Rod’ is a new dark red switchgrass from Emerald Coast growers in Florida. We have included the new cultivar in the National Grass Trials and are anxious to see how it will perform over the many states included in the trials. It is red, that is for sure. So far in Minnesota, the plants have been smaller than other switchgrasses, and a bit slow to grow, but very red-purple. Research has shown switchgrass with a lot of red color often has less chlorophyll, and thus less vigor. Winter survival was good the first winter, 2012-13 in Minnesota. Further details are on the website, where all states report their results.  ‘Hot Rod’ is on the right in this photo, ‘Shenandoah’ swtichgrass is on the left.


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One Response to Panicum ‘Hot Rod’

  1. Scott Weber says:

    I remember seeing this one on their website…will be interested in seeing how it does. You’re so right about the red ones being less vigorous.

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