New Little Bluestem

Allan Armitage recommended ‘Standing Ovation’ when he spoke at the Northern Green Expo earlier this month. The image below shows (front left) the one and only plant of ‘Standing Ovation’  we have at the Arboretum. Far back is Blue HeavenTM, right and center are ‘Blaze’.  'Standing Ovation' little bluestem Aug 2014 Other new little bluestem being promoted for 2015 winter/spring are listed below. We hope to plant these at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum this spring:
Schizachyrium scoparium, little bluestem:
‘Hit Parade’ series from Aris Greenleaf:
‘Cinnamon Girl’, “Good Vibrations’, Seasons in the Sun’;
‘Prairie Munchkin’ from Plants Nouveau, some think this may be a “replacement for Karl Forester feather reed grass;
‘Los Lanos Blues’ High Country Gardens western selection upright habit chocolate brown in winter from Los Lunas Plant Materials Center, NRCS;
‘Las Vegas Blues’ High Country Gardens


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One Response to New Little Bluestem

  1. gnelson9 says:

    Looking forward to all of those new and exciting grasses!

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