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Discolored cool season grasses from spring burn

Heat from burning large Miscanthus shows up as yellow discolored Kentucky bluegrass surrounding the large plants. Recovery happens in a short time, photo two weeks later:  Advertisements

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Ornamental grasses are expected to continue to dominate in 2015

A survey from nurseries and retailers in Lawns and Landscape reports grasses were the top selling perennial purchased by landscape contractors in 2014. Grasses are anticipated to the the top seller again in 2015, followed by daylilies and hosta. Is feather reedgrass … Continue reading

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Spring Burning of the Grass Collection

April 23, 2015 with 12% relative humidity in Minnesota (lower than Phoenix, Arizona) however, the grounds crew did a great job of burning the warm season grasses. pictured in front is ribbon grass, a cool season grass that would be … Continue reading

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