Flowers in a ‘Bee Lawn’

Thyme and self-heal (Prunella) are starting to show up now amid a lot of white clover in the flowering or ‘bee lawn’ plots that were planted at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in 2015. Mowed at 4 inches, with not much of the fine fescue showing, these 5 treatments all have some clover. The scalped (mowed to almost nothing, 1″) prior to seeding plots show the most thyme and self-heal. For more information see Planting a Bee Friendly Lawn and Flowering Bee LawnsIMG_4359 - Version 2


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One Response to Flowers in a ‘Bee Lawn’

  1. I’ve got plenty of clover – and other flowering plants – in my lawn.

    And the bees do seem to appreciate the blooms.

    Unfortunately, the clover (like the grass) is not good at respecting the boundaries of the garden beds. (It wants to creep in.)

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