2014 Ornamental Grass Sales Up 27%

Ornamental grass sales in the U. S. were up 27% according to the 2014 Census of Agriculture to $158,061,021 from $124, 261, 118 in 2009. In Minnesota gains were more modest, but were still up 12% to $1,956,265 from $1,740, 455 in 2009 (National Agricultural Statistics Service, 2014). Top 10 states with grass sales were:

CALIFORNIA $ 33,435,765
FLORIDA 29,977,489
GEORGIA 6,343,403
HAWAII 6,437,217
MARYLAND 5,884,271
MICHIGAN 6,053,800
OREGON 5,049,548
TEXAS 6,222,950
WASHINGTON 3,380,508

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University of Minnesota Professor and Extension Horticulturist
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4 Responses to 2014 Ornamental Grass Sales Up 27%

  1. Kathy says:

    Sad, much prefer nativr grasses thst are better for the environmrnt.

  2. Kathy says:

    Sad, wish more people used native grasses for the environment.

    • grasstalk says:

      Actually this includes all grasses, and native sales are way up I am sure. This is a new item in the census and at least grasses are counted now. But for now…its all grasses, native and non-native. Thanks for your comment!

  3. annamadeit says:

    That’s great news – native or not, I think they are all wonderful assets to any garden.

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