Blond Ambition wins award in Colorado

Bouteloua gracilis ‘Blond Ambition’ was recently selected as the 2016 overall grand winner of the Colorado Plant Select trials from 5 state evaluations. This is a great native plant that has been marginally hardy in Minnesota (it was selected from New Mexico) but even if it only grows as an annual, its an impressive showy plant. It’s shown below in a parking lot near Minneapolis, in mid October.


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2 Responses to Blond Ambition wins award in Colorado

  1. Bitter disapointment here in NYC. May try as an annual again this year, but it just flattens out to easily. Little bit like those new Hydrainjas with names full of expectation, but seldom deliver. i.e. ‘All Summer Long’ and ‘Forever and Ever’. Make it through Mothers day…if you lucky.

    • grasstalk says:

      Interesting to here your experience with Blond Ambition….yes I would try it again; lodging…prostrate or flat has not been my experience. And it’s warmer in NYC than MN for sure. This species prefers dry sites and well drained conditions. Good Luck!

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