Blue Heaven® press release

Little bluestem is an easy to grow native grass with attractive fall color; an improved form Schizachyrium scoparium ‘MinnBlueA’ Blue Heaven® is red in the fall.

Mary Hockenberry Meyer, professor, University of Minnesota

Press release and images. 
A new form of little bluestem, an ornamental and native grass, became available at many garden centers in 2011. The registered trademark name, Blue Heaven® refers to the summer foliage color. Selected after several years of evaluation at the University of Minnesota, Blue Heaven® is a great plant for dry, sunny locations. Blue Heaven® is a long lived easy to grow grass and combines well with other perennials. It grows just over 4 feet in height and stands up well through the summer and does not fall over like some grasses. The blue summer foliage changes to dark burgundy and then red in the fall. Hardy through the US, including zone 4, central Minnesota and Maine, Blue Heaven® is a good choice for sustainable gardens, because it requires little water after establishment and provides cover for birds and other wildlife. Plants need little care, other than cutting back in the spring. 


4 Responses to Blue Heaven® press release

  1. Maureen says:

    I really am interested in ‘Blue Heaven’. Thank you for the information on growing this native grass. Can you tell me where this grass is available for retail? Do you know if any butterfly caterpillars eat this grass?

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  3. Coir Lanka says:

    Hi grasstalk, nice info it’s great. thank for sharing.

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