USDA NASS Reports 2014 Ornamental Grass Sales

Ornamental grass sales in the U. S. were up 27% according to the 2014 Census of Agriculture to $158,061,021 from $124, 261, 118 in 2009. In Minnesota gains were more modest, but were still up 12% to $1,956,265 from $1,740, 455 in 2009 (National Agricultural Statistics Service, 2014). Top 10 states with grass sales were:

CALIFORNIA $ 33,435,765
FLORIDA 29,977,489
GEORGIA 6,343,403
HAWAII 6,437,217
MARYLAND 5,884,271
MICHIGAN 6,053,800
OREGON 5,049,548
TEXAS 6,222,950
WASHINGTON 3,380,508


Grass Sales for 2009 as reported by USDA National Agricultural Statistic Service

In the most recent Census of Horticultural Specialties, data collected from 2009, released on December 2010, ornamental grasses are reported with total sales (retail and wholesale) of $124,261,000.  The top 5 sales by state (in order from highest) are: California, Florida, Texas, Oregon and North Carolina. The USDA says this newest data is “not directly” comparable to the 2006 figures (due to differences in forms and collection methods) which showed ornamental grass sales of $116,827,000; state ranking for that year were Florida, California, Texas, North Carolina, with Oregon and Connecticut nearly tied for 5th place. 2003 was the first year ornamental grasses were defined and reported as a separate category in the census; total sales that year were reported as $61,213,000.  Grasses have increased in sales and popularity as low maintenance landscape plants.

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