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Sedges blooming in late April

Pictured below are Carex montana and Carex pensylvanica ‘Straw Hat’ blooming on April 30, 2020 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Carex montana is native to Europe and Russia and has survived one winter in Minnesota. ‘Straw Hat’ is a selection … Continue reading

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Sedges early spring green up

Native sedges can begin to grow as soon as the snow leaves Minnesota. Shown here are Carex pedunculata, longstalk sedge, foreground and Carex grisea, wood gray sedge, back left. It’s nice to see the green color early in the spring.

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New bluestem cultivars

Kelly Norris, Director of Horticulture at Des Moines Botanic Garden spoke at Northern Green 2020 in Minneapolis and recommended ‘Dancing Wind’ big bluestem and ‘Standing Ovation’ little bluestem. It is good to know these cultivars are standing up well for … Continue reading

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Disease resistant switchgrass

Research at North Carolina State University found that two cultivars of switchgrass had excellent or good resistance to the common soil fungus Phytophthora.  ‘Shenandoah’ showed excellent disease resistance while ‘Rotstrahlbusch’ showed good disease resistance . Read the full report here.  … Continue reading

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Little bluestem in winter

Despite the return of white and cold, little bluestem looks great in the landscape! Above left is little bluestem (species, no cultivar) on the U of M St. Paul campus, Nov. 13, 2019. On the right at the Minnesota Landscape … Continue reading

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Tall Molinia

Tall Molinia, (Molinia caerulea ssp. arundinacea) mooregrass cultivars may look similar until you see the cultivars side by side.  The green plants in the background way behind the bench are Molinia ‘Windspeil’ on the left, ‘Karl Forester’ center and ‘Sky Racer’ … Continue reading

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Native Grass ebook wins Gold Award

Native Grass eBook Wins Gold and Silver at 2019 GardenComm Awards! A guide to gardening with native grasses written by Diane Narem and Mary H. Meyer of the University of Minnesota was published in May 2018. The ebook won the Silver … Continue reading

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